Unit 2 Self-Test

The Westminster Model of Parliamentary Democracy:
A Millennium of Evolution

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1. This established the notion that royal prerogatives and the Crown were limited by law:

   magna carta

   magnum opus

   the king

   the law

2. In 1689, this limited the Crown by ensuring parliamentary consent for the passage of law and the raising of taxes:

   Magna Carta

   Bill of Rights

   Charter of Rights and Freedoms

   the King

3. The idea that all citizens should be granted the vote is known as:


   a bad idea


   universal suffrage

4. Historically, members of this body achieved their position through inheritance:

   House of Commons

   House of Lords

   Town Sheriff

   none of the above

5. True or False. A head of state with independence from the Prime Minister is an important guarantor of parliamentary rights.



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