Unit 6

Privileges and Immunities of Members

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1. This is a key right of parliamentarians:

   free parking

   diplomatic immunity

   free speech

   right to assembly

2. Parliamentary immunity frees members from:

   criminal charges

   civil charges

   a and b

   b only

3. House of Commons rules and procedures are set by:

   the Speaker

   the Crown

   the People

   the Assembly

4. The Assembly maintains the right to bar __________ from being present:

   the Leader of the Opposition

   the Speaker

   the Crown

   the Prime Minister

5. The "right to prior consultation" means that:

   the Prime Minister is notified of bills before they are introduced in the House

   the Speaker is asked for her/his opinion about certain legislation

   bills must be brought before the members before being promoted to the wider public

   that the Crown has the right to veto upcoming legislation

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