Unit 7

Roles of Members

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1. One of the most rewarding aspects of a member's elected duties is:

   opening hospitals

   working with constituents

   being paid

   running for election

2. There are two major approaches to understanding representation, these are:

   agency and trustee representation

   microcosmic and descriptive representation

   descriptive and agency representation

   elite and agency representation

3. In the trustee model of representation, members:

   exercise their own judgement

   exercise their party's judgement

   represent the aggregate opinion of their constituents

   exercise poor judgement

4. In the delegate model of representation:

   delegate responsibilities to others

   exercise their own judgement

   subordinate their views to the Party

   subordinate their views to those of their constituents

5. Increasingly, members are elected because of:

   their wealth

   their charisma

   their party

   their commitment to service

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