Unit 1 Self Test

Introduction: Principles of the Westminster Model of
Parliamentary Democracy

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1. Under the Westminster model, Parliament is composed of three units, these are:

   the Executive, the Cabinet, the House of Lords

   the Crown, the House of Lords, the House of Commons

   the House of Lords, the Senate, the Crown

   the Executive, the Legislative, the Judiciary

2. The term "Legislature" refers to:

   a building

   the Crown, the House of Commons, the Judiciary

   the Legislative Assembly and the Judiciary

   the Legislative Assembly and the Crown

3. The notion that those who serve in government are placed in their positions as a result of citizen selection is:

   representative government

   electoral fraud

   proportional representation

   universal suffrage

4. Responsible Government is found ONLY in parliamentary systems:



5. This is based on the assumption that the powers of Parliament are unlimited.


6. A system in which there is a fusion of political power rather than a separation of powers is known as:

   a dumb idea

   responsible government

   the presidential system

   representative government

7. The word "Parliament", as it applied to the British model, should be understood as a reference to:

   a class system

   the courts

   the House of Lords and the House of Commons

   the government and municipalities

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